Wenyi Pan

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“The Logbook Collective”

Photo of me leading The Logbook paper-making workshop in Glasgow Sculpture Studio's meeting room, August 2022. I was explaining how the reeds collected from the canal near the building can be used as the materials of handmade paper.

The Logbook is a project exploring the sense of belonging in different parts of the world through the shared presence of water, founded by three other students from the major of Sculpture and Curation and me. It was funded by Quality Assurance Agency for Scotland. It consisted of a series of in-person workshops and exhibitions along the Forth and Clyde Canal, and the Forres campus of Glasgow School of Art in Highland. The workshops were divided into three parts (History, Paper-making, Origami), carried out from July to August 2022.



THE LOGBOOK ZINE: papermaking
images created by wenyi pan